Crime Insurance

Why should you consider this product?

  • Even the best internal controls and background checks can fall short of preventing an employee from engaging in fraudulent activity
  • Funds transfer fraud and computer fraud are threats that every organization must consider
  • Crime can happen to anyone, whether it’s theft of money, inventory, or stock

Product Summary

Even with the best internal controls, your most valued employee could be stealing inventory or paying for their personal expenses with the company credit card.


Crime Insurance covers you for theft of money or securities. Limits are typically specified for on- and off-premise losses.

Capital Protection

Crime Insurance is especially important for those businesses dealing with cash, checks, credit cards, and online payments.

Planning Ahead

Working through a crime loss takes money and valuable time – it is wise to be protected.

Policy Options

Crime can be written as a separate, standalone policy or it can be written with your Commercial Package Policy.