General Liability

Why should you consider this product?

  • The number of lawsuits being filed against businesses is on the rise. Claims can result from actual negligence or can arise from an allegation.
  • We help protect you from claims that could be financially devastating and put your business and livelihood at risk.
  • Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group handles businesses of all sizes and considerations. We can help you establish an insurance program to fit your risk profile.
  • With almost 200 years of experience, we’ve helped businesses navigate claims ranging from negligence, bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, faulty products, or advertising misprints. We’ve seen it all.

Personal and Advertising Injury

Protect your business against claims of false arrest, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and misappropriation of advertising ideas.

Defense Costs

Provides for your legal expenses to defend a liability claim against you, regardless of who is at fault.

Medical Expenses

A general liability coverage that reimburses others, without regard to the insured’s liability, for medical expenses incurred as a result of bodily injury sustained by accident under the conditions specified in the policy.

Premises and Operations Liability

You may be liable for bodily injury or property damage that a client or other visitor sustains on your business premises. You may also be liable for incidents resulting from your business operations away from your premises.

Products Liability

If a consumer is hurt by a product they will likely file a suit against the manufacturer, distributor or retailer. Claims can be a result of design defects, manufacturing errors, failure to warn, or other negligence. Are you sure you have the right coverage?

Contractual Liability

Contractual Liability is liability that you assume through a contract you have signed. This may involve Hold Harmless agreements or waivers of subrogation. Our team at Hickok & Boardman can help you make sure you have the right coverage to protect yourself.