H&B Portal Disclosure

The H&B Portal is intended to make your insurance experience more efficient and convenient by providing online access to your insurance account information. By utilizing any of the features this service offers, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

You understand that the H&B Portal is here for your convenience only.  You agree to hold harmless and indemnify Hickok & Boardman, Inc. against any and all claims or actions arising out your usage of the H&B Portal.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password; therefore you agree not to share login credentials with anyone. You are also responsible for all activity tied to your user name and password, including any related requests, whether or not specifically authorized by you. Should there be a need for additional user credentials to access your insurance account information through the H&B Portal a formal request will need to be placed with Hickok & Boardman, Inc.

You are aware that any person who has access to your insurance account through the H&B Portal will have the ability to request changes and modifications to your insurance, access proprietary insurance information, as well as print and/or distribute sensitive documents.

You acknowledge that any requests to change, bind, cancel or otherwise modify your insurance, or any other communications through the H&B Portal will not be acted upon or otherwise considered received by Hickok & Boardman, Inc. until you have been notified by written confirmation from an authorized representative of  Hickok & Boardman, Inc.

You understand that the H&B Portal is offered as an additional service. Should the service ever be unavailable for any reason you will need to contact your insurance agent directly by phone, email or fax.

By using the H&B Portal, you understand that you may still be contacted by US Mail, or phone as needed.  The H&B Portal is not meant to be a sole method of contact.  Should you wish to end all contact via US Mail and receive electronic delivery of all insurance correspondence, including documents, please contact your insurance account manager to have this arranged.

Hickok & Boardman, Inc. does not assume any liability for information being presented by Applied Systems on the H&B Portal.  However, we will work with Applied Systems, Inc. to remedy any issues as quickly as possible.

In order to access the H&B Portal you will need to meet the following technological requirements.

  • A functioning computer, Android/iOS tablet, or Android/iOS phone
  • Internet access with an updated browser, or the approved Android/iOS app
  • Active and valid email address