Teen Drivers

Common concerns regarding teenage drivers:

  • When do I add my son or daughter to my policy?
  • How does adding my teen to my policy affect my coverage?
  • Are there credits available to lessen the cost?
  • When should they have their own policy?

When your new driver gets a learner’s permit, contact your agent. They usually are insured while they have their permit, but some companies require them to be added to the policy at the time the permit is issued.

How does it affect my coverage?

Adding a new driver impacts your rates. You should advise your agent of the car they will normally be driving so they are rated properly on your policy. However, most companies do not restrict the use of other cars on the policy.

Are there credits available to lessen the cost?

  1. Good Grades- Most care insurance companies will reward students for doing well in school. They must maintain at least a B average or 3.0 grade point average to qualify.
  2. Driver Education- Most car insurance companies will offer a discount for successfully completing a driver’s education course.
  3. Student Away at School- Many companies will allow a discount if your child is over 100 miles away at school without a car. This discount takes into consideration that they will not have regular access to one of your cars but still provides coverage if they are home on break. They may be driving someone else’s car at school with permission and your policy may provide excess liability in the event of a loss.

When buying a car for them, what should I consider?

Newer models can be more expensive to insure than used cars. Increasing your deductibles will lower your premium. Consider an older car and liability coverage only. The out-of-pocket expense may be worth considering once you add the premium and deductible.

When should they have their own policy?

They should have their own policy when they move out of your home, or when they own their own car.

We bought them a car. Can I add it to my policy?

In order to add their auto to your policy, you must have an “insurable interest” in the ownership of that car. You must at least co-own the car to be able to insure it with most companies.

Kids and teens may introduce other exposures into your family home.  Check out a few of the potential risks you should have insured on our kids page.

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