Workers’ Compensation Analysis

Why should you consider this product?

  • Accident investigation assistance
  • Assistance implementing return-to-work programs
  • Experience modification review and audit

Strategic System

We have implemented a strategic risk management system and employ a dedicated risk manager to help our clients keep their Workers’ Compensation premiums down.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjusters

We have two full-time, licensed Vermont Workers’ Compensation claims adjusters on staff: Jennifer Barrett and Lindsey Farrar.

Risk Management Assessment

We provide an overall risk management assessment of your internal processes, and will recommend the best practices to strengthen your risk management program.

Proactive Claim Management

Claim Reviews will be performed four times a year, or more frequently if necessary. One review will be conducted prior to when the unit statistics card is processed (to ensure claim data is as accurate as possible before your experience modification is calculated) and once prior to going out to bid. Quarterly claim reviews ensure:

  • Adjuster accountability
  • Claim strategy – this is a critical path to faster closure
  • Reserve review

Safety and Loss Control

We facilitate safety and loss control coordination for problematic areas.

Large Claim Triage

Hickok & Boardman will provide early intervention support to help assure that the employer has maximum control of the situation and opportunities for cost containment.

  • Accident investigation and measures to prevent future occurrences
  • Adjuster contact and monitoring the reserve amounts for appropriate levels
  • Establishing and instituting a Return to Work program
  • Stay in regular contact with the employer and the adjuster to assure that the claim is on a critical path to closure

Developing Best Practices

Hickok & Boardman will work with our clients to develop appropriate best practices in dealing with work related injuries. A Workers’ Compensation Risk Assessment will be conducted to determine what best practices should be engaged. Best practices could include:

  • Return to work policies
  • Establishing a relationship with an Occupational Health Clinic
  • Injury reporting
  • Post-Offer, Pre-Employment

Experience Modification Audit

Experience modification claim data is reviewed for accuracy. If errors are found, Hickok & Boardman will request NCCI or the Insurance Carrier to make appropriate changes and re-calculate the experience modification factor.