General Liability

Safeguard against the unexpected.

Types of Coverage

What is General Liability Insurance?

Typically, your General Liability policy will cover a wide variety of claims against your business. Most commonly, coverage for third party bodily injury or other injury, as well as third party property damage are in your general liability policy. Coverage is also offered to protect against personal injury (Libel or Slander) and advertising injury.

For example, coverage in the event that products you’ve designed, manufactured, and/or sold are found to have caused injury or illness to a third-party individual. It gives you the defense cost for legal expenses if liability claims are brought against your business.

What does General Liability Cover?

There are key examples and scenarios of what your general liability policy might cover, keeping in mind that every business is different with unique operations and properties.

  • A guest or client visits your business and slips on a wet floor and sustains injury.
  • A contractor is installing a new When leaving for the night, an employee neglects to shut off the water, which floods the bathroom and seeps down to the floor below.
  • Another business sues your business for stealing their marketing
  • Another business sues your business because one of your employees claimed their product causes cancer.
  • Your catering company served undercooked chicken at a wedding causing many guests to be ill
  • Coverage is triggered when a third party sues

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