Business Insurance Solutions

Every business has its own specific needs based on what they own and how they operate. In teaming up with our insurance carriers, we can develop and implement the right policies and coverages across a broad array of industries, from manufacturing to construction companies and restaurants to non-profits.



Hickok & Boardman provides manufacturing insurance to a wide range of companies – from plastics and consumables to heavy equipment, structural steel, and beyond.


Social Services

With a variety of businesses in social services, each with a unique set of assets, we'll develop an insurance program that's right for you.



Hickok & Boardman provides construction clients with the newest, most innovative, and cost-effective insurance policies on the market.



From hotels to restaurants, and bars to other venues, Hickok & Boardman helps you juggle the many components needed to properly cover these types of businesses.



Hickok & Boardman can’t predict the weather, but with customized policies, we can help you weather the storm.

real estate

Real Estate

You have invested time and money into developing your real estate business and holdings. Trust Hickok & Boardman to manage the associated risks and liabilities.

medicare supplement


Healthcare businesses provide essential services to their clients, let us help you find the essential coverage you need to operate securely.

Public Entities

Cities, towns, or other public-owned operations face a wide array of unique risk management challenges. Learn what types of coverage are necessary to keep your community safe.

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