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H&B’s insurance insights podcast delves into the world of insurance, aims to answer the many questions involved in the process and gain some insight on an aspect of our lives that’s so much more than it appears to be. You may be surprised what you’ll learn and how it helps to influence your outlook on the industry and the insurance decisions you need to make.

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Episode 15: Be "in the know" About your Personal Auto Insurance!

One of our Personal Insurance Client Advisors, Lindsey Bergeron, talk the ins-and-outs of car insurance and why it's important to know all the details of your policy!

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Episode 14: Workers Comp Mini Series Pt 2: Communication is Key!

Our dynamic-duo Risk Management advisors, Lindsey Farrar and Jen Barrett, return for a second part of our Workers Compensation insurance best practices series.

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Episode 13: Business Income with Rich & Jon Smith

Our premiere father-son insurance team at our Stowe, VT office breaks down the importance of Business Income insurance and how it can fill the gaps in your insurance package.

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Episode 12: Consider a Career at H&B!

HR Manager for Hickok & Boardman, Kate Emert, talks to us about our wonderful team of insurance professionals, and why anyone can find opportunity starting their career at H&B!

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Episode 11: Burst Pipes? How to Prevent & Handle a Claim with Kris Green

Our Claims Team leader, Kris Green walks us through one of the most common property insurance claims - for either business owners or in your home.

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Episode 10: How to Secure the Best Workers Comp Pricing w/ Pete Child

Client Advisor, Pete Child discusses the many factors that go into the cost of workers comp insurance and how you can control it.

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Episode 9: Reflection, Chickens, & Risk Management Success Story w/ Matt Campbell

Vice President and Client Advisor, Matt Campbell attests to the difficulties and the pay-offs of selling insurance with a story involving farm chickens.

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Episode 8: Promoting an Effective Safety Culture in the Workplace

One of our safety consultants, Casey McClain speaks with us about the best ways to promote and nurture a safety culture and why it's important for businesses to do so.

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Episode 7: Builder's Risk 101 with Scott Boardman

Hickok & Boardman's CEO, Scott Boardman, sits down with Ryan to discuss all-things builder's risk - how it relates to your construction projects and other property insurance.

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Episode 6: "Back pain?! Carpal tunnel?! Tendinitis?! Oh My!" - Ergonomics in the Workplace

In episode 6, our loss prevention manager in our Safety & Risk Management team tells us the interesting exposures to injuries that our employees my face everyday.

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Episode 5: "The Scope of the Threat" - Cyber Insurance with Mindy Bero

In episode 5, one of our client advisors, Mindy Bero delves into the world of cyber insurance, explaining to us the immense scope of exposures we face in this technologically advancing world.

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Episode 4: Homeowners Insurance "Replacement Cost vs Purchase Price" with Carla Smalling

In episode 4, Carla Boardman Smalling, one of our senior personal insurance agents breaks down the ins and outs of the homeowners insurance quoting process and premiums.

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Episode 3: An Intro to the E-Mod with Jen Barrett and Lindsey Farrar

Jen Barrett, Vice President and Director of Sales, and Lindsey Farrar our Risk Management Advisor are two licensed Workers Compensation claims adjusters that speak with us about all-things Experience Mod!

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Episode 2: "The Unexpected Awesomeness of Insurance" with Ian Sutherland

Ian Sutherland, our Director of Sales, speaks to us about how he got into the insurance industry, how it notably touches all of our lives and communities, and the various career opportunities.

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Episode 1: "We've Cracked the Code" with Paul Plunkett

Our very own Paul Plunkett, COO and President shares some history of H&B, his time at the company, and the unique approach we take when servicing our clients.

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