Pollution Liability Insurance

For the impact you can't control.

Types of Coverage

What is Pollution Liability Insurance?

Did you know that most General Liability policies provide no coverage or limited coverage for pollution claims? As a result, your General Liability has a gap in coverage for the pollutants that your business may be liable for.  Depending on your business type you may have an on-premises exposure, an off-premises exposure, or both.

When obtaining Pollution Liability, it is important that it complements your General Liability policy and fills in any coverage gaps, as well as being tailored to the type of pollution your business may produce or be exposed to.  We recommend a careful analysis of your insurance program to avoid any surprises at the time of loss.

What does it cover?

Pollution losses can vary, below are a few examples:

  • A cleaning compound is inadvertently deposited down the drain at a day care center, causing fumes, which makes some of the children ill.
  • A private country club improperly dumps herbicides in an unapproved container, causing ground water contamination.
  • A service technician punctures a chemical hose, resulting in extensive premise damage.
  • Silt runs off from construction site into public water supply (liability for both contractor and property owner)

Pollution claims can be some of most expensive and unpredictable losses for a company.  Our clients trust us to protect what is important to them and having the right Pollution Liability Insurance is one of the ways our agents provide that peace of mind.

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