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Renters Insurance

Hickok & Boardman offers renters insurance to protect tenants and their personal property. Just because you don’t own your residence doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance coverage.

Our team in the greater Burlington area helps to serve the urban setting where college students, young professionals, and many residents call their rented apartments home. But whether you are renting in a popular urban or college town or a home in a quiet area, we consider coverage for your rented dwelling as important as homeowners insurance.

Your renters insurance premium covers the value of your possessions, so it is relatively inexpensive for the wide variety of protection that it offers. We can bundle your renters insurance with other policies so that you get the best deal and the best coverage for all possessions in your life.


What it Covers

Personal belongings and personal property

Any belongings or personal property you own that is either damaged or stolen. Furniture, electronics, clothing, and other valuable items you own will be covered by renters insurance.

Liability and injury

You won’t be liable for anyone who is hurt in your rented property or if their belongings are damaged. If someone else is injured or their own personal items are damaged in your rented home or apartment, renters insurance can cover their medical expenses and replacement costs.

Additional living expenses

If your rented place becomes uninhabitable, if there is damage to the apartment or property that the landlord is liable for fixing or amending, such as flooding, fires, or other circumstances that require you to live elsewhere, your coverage can pay for temporary living expenses. Hotel or other rent costs, food, and even laundry and storage costs to make your difficult interim living situation more amenable would be covered by your renters insurance.

Contact us to discuss your rental situation so we can provide a solution within your budget and suitable to your needs! Find us at one of our offices in Burlington, Stowe, St. Albans, Montpelier, Lyndonville, or Plattsburgh to learn more!

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