Workers Compensation

Why should you consider this product?

  • We have access to an extensive network of companies and can provide you with competitive pricing and coverage
  • Hickok and Boardman Insurance Group understands that workers compensation is of concern to employers and business owners; it can directly affect your bottom line. We can help you control those related costs
  • We take the worry out of workers’ compensation by employing licensed workers’ compensation adjusters, who provide a full range of workers compensation risk management services on behalf of our clients.

Rated on Experience

Workers’ Compensation is rated based on previous loss experience. In general, an employer with better than average loss experience will receive a credit to their premiums.

Experience Modification Audit

Experience modification claim data is reviewed for accuracy. If errors are found Hickok & Boardman will request NCCI/Insurance Carrier make appropriate changes, and re-calculate the experience modification factor.

State Mandated Coverage

Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for employers in most states including Vermont. It provides medical benefits, wage replacement benefits, death benefits, permanent disability benefits, and loss of function awards.

No-Fault Coverage

Coverage Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault insurance program through Hickok & Boardman. If an employee is injured on the job, it pays benefits regardless of fault.

Exclusive Remedy

Workers’ Compensation is your employees “exclusive remedy,” which means they are unable to make a liability claim against their employer for the injuries.

Guaranteed Cost Basis

Basis Employers can purchase Workers’ Compensation through Hickok & Boardman on a guaranteed cost basis, a large deductible, or they can decide to be self-insured (with state approval).