Safety tips for childrens’ play structures:

  • Do not let children into the pool area without adult supervision
  • Discuss the rules for safe play with children prior to allowing them to use it
  • Check the structures often to make sure that they are in good repair

How can higher-risk play structures affect my insurance?

Owning a trampoline, swimming pool or other higher risk recreational items for kids increases the liability exposure. Therefore these may be excluded from your homeowners’ policy. While tree house exclusions are less common than trampoline or pool exclusions, your insurance company may have safety precaution guidelines that apply to these structures as well. It’s always best to speak with your Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group agent to examine how your policy addresses these risks.

What are the most common exposures for these kinds of risks?

Swimming pools are considered by most insurance companies to be a major liability. If a child were to accidentally fall into your pool and sustain an injury, you could be held liable for their hospital bills. A self-locking fence around the pool may be a requirement for insurance. Nearly 100,000 trampoline-related incidents are reported every year.Depending on your carrier, your policy may have an exclusion for trampolines. Tree houses are another high risk item that could be excluded from coverage. Whether or not your policy excludes high risk recreational items, it is a good idea to let your insurance agent know if you choose to add them to your property so that they can make sure you are properly covered for the associated liabilities.

What information will my insurance agent need?

As many insurance companies will not cover higher-risk exposures on your property, in order for your agent to be sure your policy is written correctly, they will need to know if you have a pool, whether it is above or in-ground and whether or not it has a fence. Inform them if you have added a diving board or slide to your pool as those can increase risk exposures. They will also need to know if you have a tree house, skate ramp or zip line. If you have a trampoline, let them know whether or not your trampoline has netting.

What are some other high-risk liabilities?

Did you know your dog may be considered high risk? If you own a breed designated as high risk, you may be charged more for coverage or denied a policy altogether. Some companies will exclude your doge, in which case you will be financially responsible for any damages or injuries caused by your pet. Powered riding toys, bicycles, mini-bikes and scooters can become a liability as well. Your insurance agent can check your policy and let you know what is covered or excluded.

Are your kids almost ready to start driving?

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