Mobile Insurance

Why should you consider this product?

  • Protects you from fire, theft, and weather-related loss
  • Worldwide liability coverage for negligence resulting in injuries or property damage to others
  • Policy enhancements can be added to meet your individual needs


Similar to a Homeowners’ policy, Mobile Homeowners’ Insurance can cover your home and any attached structures such as decks or garages. If your mobile home is less than ten years old, you may have the option for replacement cost coverage on your home.

Detached Structures

Structures that are not attached to your home, such as sheds or fences, are covered under this type of policy. For a small premium, you are able to increase the level of coverage to meet your individual needs.

Personal Belongings

A Personal Belongings policy can cover your furniture, electronics, clothing, dishes, jewelry, and garden equipment. Agents at Hickok & Boardman recommend you insure for the replacement cost and you keep an up-to-date inventory of these insured items. A good way to keep track of your furnishings is by taking photographs or videos of each room in your home.

Loss of Use

Should you be forced to move into temporary housing, Loss of Use Insurance can help you cover additional costs above your normal living expenses. Typical reasons for temporary housing include fire, wind, or a similar disaster.

Personal Liability

This coverage pays for injuries and property damage that result from your negligence. If your dog nips a jogger, this type of insurance may cover you from personal liability. Higher liability limits may be available through a Personal Umbrella Policy.

Medical Payments to Others

This coverage pays for emergency room visits that may be incurred by others if injured on your property.

Wood Stoves

Mobile homes that have a fireplace or a wood stove that is professionally-installed and meets safety guidelines can be insured.

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