Vacation Homes

Why should you consider this product?

  • Protects your vacation home from fire, theft, and weather-related losses such as lightning, wind, or hail
  • Various coverage enhancements can be added such as earthquake and deluxe or standard coverage
  • Personal liability covers you worldwide for claims of negligence resulting in injuries or property damage to others
  • Complimentary home appraisal
  • You can opt for a cash payment for covered losses


This policy can cover the home, deck, porch, garage, carport, or any other structure attached to the house. An appraisal of the home will be ordered to determine the replacement cost.

Detached Structures

This policy can protect a fenced or an unfenced in-ground pool, shed, detached garage, fence, tennis court, and gazebo. The policy automatically includes 10% of the Dwelling amount. You can add increased amounts for other structures as needed.

Personal Belongings

Our team at Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group can help cover furniture, electronics, clothing, dishes, linens, jewelry, and garden equipment. Policy options include Deluxe or Standard Coverage. Deluxe Coverage will cover Mysterious Disappearance (lost or misplaced items), breakage of non-fragile items, accidental damage, child-related damage, cigarette burns, internal falling objects (if a chandelier falls onto a table) and other instances the Standard Coverage may not protect.

Loss of Use

This will cover increased cost incurred above your normal living expenses should you be forced to move into temporary housing due to a covered loss. If you had to move to a temporary home after a fire, this policy can pay additional expenses to live elsewhere while repairs are being made. This coverage is limited to 30% of Dwelling Coverage and 60 days is the maximum limit on a vacation home.

Personal Liability

This coverage pays for injuries and property damage resulting from claims of negligence. Higher liability limits may be available through a Personal Umbrella Policy.

Medical Payments to Others

This coverage can pay for emergency room visits. If you are traveling and someone trips over your suitcase and cuts their leg enough to require stitches, or one of your friends slips on ice on your front porch and requires medical attention, these types of scenarios can be covered under this policy.
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